About Me

I am my past, I am my present, and I am my future. I am that little girl from Bedford that loved to sing "turn the radio up" as we ran around the merry go round, who played cops and robbers and dreamed of being a dancer.

I am the girl who turned inwards at Orange, who adored my neighbor, blew up my dad's army men, and fell in love with literature of the beat generation.

I am the young woman who sought to find herself at Heidelberg, and lost herself time and again.
But I am the woman who today loves yoga, Buddhism, creative expression and Discordia.

I rejoice to the "time warp", and belt "La Vie Boheme".
Who adores discussing quantum physics, and believes in fairies.
I love the night, and find happiness at RenFair.
I dance to Incubus Succubus, sing along to VNV Nation, read Harry Potter fan-fiction, and love watching Bones.
Hiking, playing in water, and taking pictures are favorite pastimes.
Tickling my daughter makes me smile.
I work for WalMart in customer service.
I suffer bi-polar disorder.
I have chronic conditions that affect my satisfaction in life. Namely Fibromyalgia and Meniere's Disease.
I am a perpetual college student.

My interests are wide and varied. Intellectual pursuits such as reading and discussing topics like psychology, history, archeology, anthropology, philosophy, and quantum mechanics. I enjoy chess, art, photography, coffee, culture, music. The finer things in life.