09 February, 2011

The Challenge

I have been overweight almost all my life.  By age 14 I was a size 28 in woman's clothing.  I have tried numerous diets, healthy eating plans, exercise programs, and fads to loose the weight over the years.  I have yo-yo'd from 285 pounds to 195 pounds and everywhere in between.  Before I had my daughter in 2005 I was down to my lowest at 195 and a size 32" waist.  I wore my fiancee's clothing because nothing fit.  But pregnancy took its toll, especially after almost 4 months on bed rest. I was right back up to a size 26 in no time.  Fast forward a few years.  I just had baby number two, and am hanging in at a size 20.  I gained all of two pounds during my pregnancy.  But in the following four months I put on 15 pounds with out gaining an inch somehow.  I am breastfeeding, trying to eat healthy, working part time, and over all undergoing stress.

So here is the challenge.  I want to go from 260 pounds to 185 pounds by my thirty second birthday.  That is 75 pounds in 513 days.  I am tracking my progress on an iPod app called TargetWeight which is free to download. But in order to hold myself accountable I am going to blog about my progress.  It might be messy, it is sure to be emotional, and it will be one heck of a wild ride.

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